Term Dates, Fees & Payment Information

Term dates 2020

Winter term
10 weeks 6 January to 14 March
Spring term
10 weeks 16 March to 23 May
Summer term
10 weeks 25 May to 1 August
Autumn term
15 weeks 31 August to 12 December

Introductory classes

An introductory class costs £10 for a 60 minute class or £15 for a 90 minute class. If you subsequently enrol for a term the payment will be deducted from the cost of the term.

Term enrollments

Enrolling for a term works out as £10 per class for 60 minute classes and £15 per class for 90 minute classes.

Please pay before the third week of term. Payments are non-refundable.

If you miss a class, you may attend a class that you are not enrolled for to make up for the missed class. Note: missed classes need to be made up during the same term.

You can pay by:

Enthusiast discount

If you are enrolled in a class you may attend an ad-hoc class that you are not enrolled in for £10 (for 60 minute classes) / £15 (for 90 minute classes) pay-as-you-go.

Membership fees

Required once enrolled:

  • Tai Chi Life School: £10 per year
  • Shaolin Temple (for Saturday classes): £30 per year for the first year, £20 per year thereafter

Preferable for long-term members:



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