Posted on 18/11/2014 · Posted in News

Team Longfei GB represented Britain’s tai chi community at the World Tai Chi Chuan Federation’s 5th World Cup Tai Chi Chuan Championship, held in Taipei, Taiwan on the 18th & 19th October 2014.

The eight-member team brought home 15 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze medals! Team coach, Barry McGinlay, led the way and we now have a British World Pushing Hands Champion!

The team were: Alex May, Alfia Nakipbekova, Barry McGinlay, Emma North, Helen Osborn, Lenroy Wallace, Mark Adams and Nikola Bojic.

Team Longfei GB would like to thank Masters Simon Watson, Richard Watson, Wang Yanji, Faye Yip, Tary Yip and Professor Li Deyin for their continuing, generous teachings from the lineage of Master Li Tianji.

Additionally, thanks go to sifu Stuart Verity from Integral Tai Chi and to all of our training colleagues, friends and families who supported us to make this happen. The medals are yours as well as ours!